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The Bernstein Group consists of three partner-managed consulting boutiques that specialise in communications services for special situations, complex political decision-making processes, and regulatory issues. We provide individual, customised solutions from our offices in Berlin, Frankfurt, and Brussels.

Combining our excellence for our clients

We work together to advise our clients on even the most specific issues in the field of public policy and communications. We rely on expertise, integrity, and experience rather than size. Our team provides top-notch strategic consulting combined with excellent execution skills.

We are experienced problem solvers

We advise national and international companies, investors, start-ups, and institutions on how to deal with the media and politics, working for our clients in an environment of dynamic processes, divergent interests, and complex issues every day.

We bring a high level of personal commitment to our work and operate in close partnership with our clients, supporting and guiding them through complex decision-making processes. Our strategic advice is based on experience and expertise, as well as the trust that we have earned in the political arena and the media.

With our intimate knowledge of politics, business, and the media, we perform the role of translators between these systems. We understand the power of presenting the stronger argument. We offer non-partisan, comprehensive, and independent consulting services in public affairs and communication. We work for our clients at the municipal and provincial level just as effectively as on the national level and in the arena of European institutions.

The Bernstein Group

The Bernstein Public Policy companies have been operating as political strategy consultancies for over 15 years, working from their offices in Berlin and Brussels. After having previously offered their consulting services under the name Steltemeier & Rawe, the Bernstein Public Policy companies were restructured on 1 October 2015 and co-founded the Bernstein Group together with Bernstein Communications.

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