We are experts in communication and politics.

We focus on exceptional communication situations, change and transformation processes, complex policy decision-making processes, and regulatory issues. As a long-term partner or expert during a phase of intensive activity, our experience allows us to guide our clients successfully through the political arena and the media.

Our breadth of experience ranges from providing support with complex capital market transactions, crisis situations, and competition procedures to managing regulatory processes at European, federal, state, and local level.

Practice areas where we provide services for our clients:

Regulation at EU, Federal and State level

Companies are increasingly affected by regulation. Virtually all political decisions can affect a company’s area of activity, accounting for a considerable part of today’s entrepreneurial risk.

Regulation affects all levels – from regional to European. We assist our clients through the entire process, from policy formulation to the implementation of laws. With our offices in Berlin and Brussels as well as with our network of preferred partners, we ensure that our clients’ interests are also represented in Paris, London, Rome, Stockholm, and Madrid.

Managing transformation and change processes

Change and transformation represent the new fixed variable for companies when it comes to internal and external communication. Due to digitalization, the race for talent and demographic and technological changes, corporate communication requires more speed, flexibility and dialogue than ever before. Only with a clear strategic focus and the appropriate measures can long-term financial success of companies be safeguarded.

As Bernstein Group we support our clients in all phases and aspects of corporate communication. This includes the dynamisation of regular communication, strategy, contextual foundation and systematic implementation of change programs in extraordinary situations and sudden crises.

Our methods focus on the integration and interplay of internal and external stakeholders and respective multipliers as the best way to bring about change. Our promises: acceptance, consent and resilience.

Capital Market

The complexity of acquisitions, capital increases, financing rounds, IPOs, and bond issues places high demands on internal and external communications. We provide strategic advice from the planning phase on and assist our clients in the practical implementation. With many years of experience, we increase transaction security and minimise possible communications risks.

Exceptional circumstances and crises

A crisis results in a significant loss of credibility and reputation with the relevant stakeholders. The appropriate communications approach in a crisis situation is often crucial in ensuring the company’s continued success. In case of a crisis we provide our experience to our clients and ensure that everyone keeps track of the bigger picture in situations that are critical to their success.

EU Competition and State Aid Procedures

Decisions made in competition and state aid procedures at the EU level have a direct impact on national markets. These procedures are influenced by debates both in the political as well as the media sphere. Working together with Litigation Support Services, we assist and advise our clients in deciding how to initiate procedures and respond to inquiries.


Legal disputes in front of court are often accompanied by media coverage and political positioning. We assist our clients with the communications and political aspects of these disputes.

Restructuring and Insolvency

Companies face special challenges during restructuring or bankruptcy proceedings. Stakeholders such as employees, customers, suppliers, media, unions, and political players have a high interest in information during such phases of uncertainty. We have extensive experience in supporting our clients with communication activities related to restructuring or bankruptcy proceedings.


Any actual or alleged compliance-related incident can cause serious damage to a company’s reputation through its echo in media and society. In close cooperation with legal advisers, we design our clients’ communication messages to be consistent both internally and externally.

Corporate Governance

We support the executive board and supervisory board with regard to external corporate governance communications. We develop a convincing story for our clients corporate governance approach and work closely with senior management, investor relations, and the external legal and financial advisors to implement best practices in your company.

Product Innovation and Market Entry

We conduct a political risk analysis and explore the regulatory environment for businesses and investors that are planning product innovations or entering new markets. With us, our clients know at an early stage which political trends are pending, how the policy area in question is changing, and how they can position themselves in it.

Public Contracts and Procurement

The political arena includes not only decision-makers but also contracting authorities. We assist our clients with public tendering procedures – from analysis of the order situation, through initial assessment of their chances of success, up to completion of the tendering process. In doing so, we either work directly for our clients or cooperate with law firms that specialise in procurement. Our political and communicative expertise ensures that our clients bidding strategies are optimised for the requirements of public procurement.

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