What we do.

We advise our clients on even the most specific issues in the fields of public policy and communications. We do not sell packaged solutions but tailor our measures to our clients’ objectives. Our services include:

Crisis Communications

We advise and support our clients in handling the communications aspect of a crisis situation. We use our experience to help draft and place tailored messages in order to avoid lasting damage to a company’s credibility and reputation. In order for companies to be better prepared, we assist them in identifying, assessing, and controlling communication risks early on.

Advocacy & Regulatory Affairs

Our consultants have excellent expertise and years of experience in dealing with politics. We represent our clients’ interests in the political arena and prepare them for their own discussions with relevant decision-makers with regard to strategy and content. Our consultants have reliable multi-party networks. We know when it is time to speak to the politicians and when it is time to show restraint.

Capital Market Communications

We assist our clients with their positioning and establish which perception and value drivers exist in each sector and in the current capital market environment. We also work with our clients to develop their equity story or offer practical assistance in communicating with the capital markets. Through our network in the German states, in Berlin, and in Brussels we cover the political aspects of M&A and demerger processes.

Reputation Management

A positive reputation of a company or association is not a given and should not be left to chance – every player in the public arena shapes its own image. We assist our clients with strategic consulting, coaching, and media contacts so that they can find optimal solutions to their communication challenges.

Compliance Communications

In the event of suspicion of fraud, violation of privacy, antitrust, and corruption, we work in close cooperation with your legal advisers in order to minimize the damage to their reputation by communicating consistent messages.

Restructuring and Insolvency Communication

We advise our clients – companies, restructuring experts, and insolvency administrators – on dealing with the communications aspect of these situations. Our advice covers the entire communication process – from opening of proceedings, through creditor meetings, to decisions on restructuring or liquidating.

Science Community and Studies

Political reasoning does not take place in a vacuum – it must be substantiated by facts. We have been cooperating with scientific advisors for years, arranging communication between companies, academia, and policy-makers. We are experts with regard to regulatory fields, issues, and players.

Litigation Support Services

We offer selected litigation support services, including specialised public relations to accompany court proceedings. Our experts support our clients’ legal strategy with a customised communications strategy. This optimal cooperation serves to reduce potential negative impacts of litigation on business processes and developments.

Political and Media Perception Studies

We test political messages and arguments in the political arena and the media prior to large campaigns and entrepreneurial decisions. Through preliminary discussions, analyses, and subsequent adjustment of the political strategy, we ensure that the message of our clients is appropriate for the target group.

Political Due Diligence

Political developments determine the market environment of a company. Whether a company is planning an investment, a market entry, or intends to prepare early for a change in positioning: We analyse the regulatory environment and provide assessments of long-term political developments and the relevant players in order to give our clients maximum planning security.

Design and Implementation of Internal Company Structures

We assist our clients with change and restructuring processes and help them to set up their public affairs and communication departments. We conceptualize associational representation in Brussels and Berlin and help develop public affairs structures in other European countries through our international network of partners.

Interim Functions

Should a business find itself in a transitional period or exceptional situation, we provide the resources to ensure continuous external representation.

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